Web security for SMEs

No website is too small to be hacked



According to MELANI, the swiss government’s Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance, a compromised website can present a multitude of risks for SMEs.


Financial loss


A compromised website means that a hacker may have access to your server and they will often use this advantage to install ransomware which will ask you for a ransom that has to be paid using crypto currencies such as bitcoin. Paying the ransom can financially hurt SMEs up to the point of bankruptcy.


Loss of reputation


A website that has been hacked is always seen as a risk by your client. It leaves a bad impression of low quality and lack of seriousness by the owner of the website. This has a huge impact on the image of your company as well as on sales made by your website.

Uses for other attacks


Your website can be used as a control center for the attacker. This means that they will use your infrastructure to find and target other victims. The hackers use this technique to hide their origin and to avoid being caught.


If your website is ever used as a hacking platform, you could also be legally liable for any damage originating from it.


Security is key for SMEs

Your website is your window to the world


In the connected world, it is through your website that clients will get the first impression of your company. It plays the most important role in your business by attracting people and making them want to do business with you. For most people, it is the only link between them and your products and services and it is probably your main source of revenue. It should therefore be treated with the upmost care.


Clients trust you


If you have a website, chances are that you are storing personal data on it. If your website is not up to date, an attacker may get access to these data and make a lot of damage to your clients such as hacking other accounts, impersonation, stealing of credit cards information stored in your databases.


Simple solutions


Our team is able to detect which plugins are out of date and, following MELANI and OWASP guidelines, update your website as to reduce the attack surface exposed to ill-intentioned people.


We are able to configure your website and servers to increase their level of security and to better protect you and your clients.


Website Security solutions


To further increase your security, we suggest to take a look at our web audit solutions as well as our office audit solutions for a more complete security coverage of your company.


Office Audit and Security solutions


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