Web audit

Test the reliance of your website today

A crucial part of security

Doing regular security assessment of your infrastructure, including your website, is the best way to protect yourself against hackers.

A web security audit consists of our team simulating an ill-intentioned person by testing your website for known issues such as

  • Wrong permission settings
  • Wrong configuration of the server
  • Out of date CMS or plugins
  • Insecure communication between you and your clients
  • Insecure databases

By testing those issues and following the strict OWASP protocol, we guarantee the highest quality of audits and we can therefore cover the greater part of vulnerabilities.

Giving YOU the means of protection

The audit will give you the means to assess the problems that are present on your website by giving you a detailed report on issues that our team found during the process of testing it.


A report explaining the issues will be sent to you. This report can then be used by your company IT team to fix the various problems that we detected during the test.


If you don’t have a dedicated person in your SME responsible for updates and IT security, our team is able to do the necessary work in order to fix the issues (we will charge an extra fee for this service)


For further protection


If you would like the team of antiransomware.ch to continuously update and manage your website, you may be interested in our web security service


Web Security


To further increase your company’s security, we also suggest you take a look at our office security audit service, in which we test for the physical security of your company’s office and surrounding

Office Audit


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