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The base of security

Physical security is fundamental


By its very nature, physical security is the most fundamental part of any security system that has ever existed. Physically protecting assets such as intellectual property, clients data, storage, and other values is the basis on which every other security technique is build upon.


From the first locks in ancient Egypt to the modern biometric systems, access control systems have always been the most simple, yet effective way to restrict physical spaces to authorized persons only.


Thus, ensuring that the physical restrictions and control systems are working is crucial to any organisation that needs to protect valuable propriety.


Secure on all sides


Security for SMEs is key to their well-being. They should therefore test the security on all levels. While it is true that computer security is a large part of it, companies should not forget that some of the most important parts of security are linked to the security of their premises.


A company that, in addition to IT security audits, also performs physical security assessment of their offices always has a higher protection level than one which does not.


The test


During the assessment, our team will attempt to find problems in the access control systems that your company has implemented.


We will search for issues in your offices premises by first collecting data on your location, and sending experts that will attempt to access your offices restricted areas (with your prior consent) by using the same techniques as actual criminals will use.


By the end of the test, a report will be given to you with all the issues our team found in your premises. In addition to the assessment, a consultant will visit your company to discuss the problems need to be fixed, allowing you to fully grasp the scope of actions that are needed to secure your company


We will give your employees a training session on how to increase the security in their work by explaining basic rules to follow in order to better everyone’s security.


Go further


Your company probably makes most of its profit through your website. Then it is very important for it to be secure.


Thankfully, we also provide a service of web security audits to further increase your defense against attackers. A report on the state of your website will allow you to make the correct changes in order to increase it’s security


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If you don’t have a designed security or IT person in your company, our team of web experts can work to maintain your website up-to-date by fixing security issues ourselves.


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